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Our Diamonds

The Australian Diamond Company has a rich history in bringing special occasions to life with exceptional jewels. Every precious gem stone carefully moves from the hands of expert gemologists into our discriminating hands to ensure every piece is unsurpassable in quality and one-of-a-kind in character.

When looking to purchase a diamond, you will hear about the "Four Cs". These Cs refer to Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight which are the characteristics of a diamond graded by a skilled gemologist. Once graded, a diamond is awarded a certificate from the laboratory in which it was graded.

These criteria and respective certificates often raise many questions, especially around the relationship these characteristics have with price. While the grading of the Four Cs offer a valuable insight into the quality of these attributes, they do not specifically explain how these attributes effect the appearance and stone or its light performance. This means the comparison of two diamonds with an identical grading certificate can result in a variance of quality and beauty.

Recognizing the individuality of each diamond, The Australian Diamond Company selects diamonds for engagement rings and fine jewellery pieces against complex criteria that go beyond the four Cs and towards light performance and beauty. This is the ADC difference.

We understand the search for beauty and perfection is a unique journey for every individual. Our diamonds are carefully selected to ensure quality and diversity in design to suit any occasion and taste. The diamond specialists based in our showroom are available to conduct personalized consultations where your preferences are taken into careful consideration.

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