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How to Buy Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

Buying a diamond is a special occasion, often one that marks a monumental moment or a relationship with someone you cherish. Of course, it’s an exciting purchase and an investment that should last a lifetime, but how do you know that you’re buying from a diamond company that values the ethical sourcing of diamonds?
What is Ethical Sourcing?

Ethically-sourced or “conflict-free” diamonds are gems that are not obtained because of questionable circumstances, such as human rights abuses, violence or child labour. Companies that solely source diamonds ethically are also careful to ensure that the environment isn’t damaged in the process.

Diamonds that are certified conflict-free receive specialised grading in a laboratory, where they’re inscribed with a unique number that allows its origins to be traced. The number is too small to be seen by the naked human eye, so doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your gem, but does give you complete transparency and peace of mind.

How to Buy an Ethical Diamond

Be sure you’re not doing anything to support the selling of diamonds that were obtained under harmful conditions by only purchasing from a diamond company that expresses their alignment with conflict-free diamonds.

Before making a purchasing decision, here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure your diamond isn’t tainted:

  • Ask your jeweller where the diamond was sourced. A responsible jeweller will know the steps your gem has gone through from mining to showroom.
  • Avoid diamonds that come from countries where violation of human rights is known.
  • Only buy from jewellers that make a commitment to ethical sourcing. They are the ones that are actively pushing for certification changes in the diamond industry.
  • Go beyond the diamonds. You can opt for Fair trade gold and ensure your entire piece of jewellery is ethical. Some gold mining can leave toxic waste that can damage the environment and people around it, so ask your jeweller where the gold comes from.

Buy Ethical Diamonds from Australian Diamond Company

The Australian Diamond Company adheres to the Kimberley process of diamond sourcing. The Kimberley process is one of few that guarantees that every diamond set in our jewellery is ethically-sourced, from start to finish.

Our certification process offers transparency to customers that their purchase will never fund rebel movements or human suffering. Contact us and let us know about the diamonds you’re looking for to mark an important occasion and we can schedule an appointment to give you the opportunity to browse our range of stunning ethically-sourced diamonds.

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