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Care Guide to Keep your Jewellery Looking its Best

There’s nothing like the feeling of opening a brand new piece of jewellery and seeing it sparkle back at you. At Australian Diamond Company, we create jewellery that is designed to be worn and loved. Over time, diamonds and gold can get tarnished and impacted by everyday life, no matter how good the quality may be.

You don’t need to watch your diamond dwindle. With the proper care, you can keep your jewellery looking brand new for years. Regular inspections and maintenance are the only ways you’ll manage to avoid that daily wear and tear.

Gold Care Guide

While gold is much more durable than metals like silver, exposure to the elements can still cause it to dull over time. Often unavoidable things like lotions, perfumes, dirt, rough surfaces and chemicals all play a part in attacking the surface of your gold jewellery. If your item is white gold, such elements wear away rhodium plating to reveal a yellow gold colour underneath.

To minimise effects, you could remove your jewellery when applying lotions and perfumes, or if taking part in an activity that could damage the plating. Purchase gold cleaning kits and don’t neglect regular cleaning and maintenance at home to ensure you keep that beautiful sheen.

Diamond Care Guide

Certain stone settings are a breeding ground for grime and while this can look unsightly, it can also build up to offset or dislodge diamonds. Take care of your diamonds with regular cleaning, offered as a complimentary service by ADC with any diamond purchase.

Although diamonds are one of the strongest known materials, they are still susceptible to rough damage. Enough force on a diamond can result in fractures or chips, so try to keep your diamonds away from anything that could be potentially harmful.

You can buy from Australian Diamond Company with confidence. That’s because with every purchase, we invite you to come back for a jewellery inspection every 6-12 months, completely complimentary.  Our experts make sure stones are securely set and in optimum condition, to avoid any costly future repairs and replacements.

Take advantage of inspections for your gold and diamonds and take care of them daily to preserve the brilliance and the shine you first fell in love with. Come and visit us on the 1st floor of Centre Point Arcade, 283-297 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, to see our range.

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