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Love Exquisite Engagement Rings?Read 100 Years of Diamond Ring Trends

If you’re a lover of antique jewellery and trends throughout the ages when it comes to exquisite design, then our two-part post is for you. We’re kicking off 100 years of diamond rings in a two-part special, where we’ll first be talking about some of the incredible designs of rings from 1900’s up until the 50s. Enjoy!

  • 1900-10 Design at the beginning of the 1900s were simple and beautiful. Often featuring a single diamond in polished gold, the overall appeal was a very European statement.
  • 1920s Design took a considerable leap very early on in the decade. However, simplicity was not to outlast the demand for fanciness, with Edwardian style pieces featuring intricate filigree designs and complicated settings
  • 1930 The deco and nouveau period are highly answerable when it comes to beautiful jewellery design. AS a period known for stunning architecture and gothic design, the overall look was glamorous, artistic and breathtaking.
  • 1940 After the war, the penchant for platinum really emerged. The feel for complex settings and a halo of smaller stones accompanying the showcase gem stood tall at this time. During the 40s a campaign by mining giant De Beers Pty Ltd earmarked the prolific and everlasting quote ‘Diamonds are Forever.’
  • 1950 Round solitaire diamonds played popular roles, where white gold and striking platinum settings cased a central gem. Side stones were considered very glamorous, reflected on the most stylish of hands as it was on the silver screen.

Be sure to check back in for the second schedule of our two-part blog release, where we’re talking about diamond ring trends from the past- in our July post, we’ll discuss the trends that rose up after the 50s, encompassing coloured stones, glamorous settings and the trends that went on to bypass those style journeys. Want to read more about diamond rings over the last century and how they continue to shape our choices today? Stay tuned for part two!

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