R1026 Version 1


A marquise-cut diamond is given prominence by its diamond pavé band and open setting. Available in a wide range of centre stone weights. Available in
R2199 Nadia V2 Engagement Rings Solitaire with Shoulder Stones


A princess-cut centre stone is highlighted in this four-claw ADC Nadia setting allowing light to pass through the stone for intense brilliance and spa


A six-claw solitaire embraces a round brilliant-cut centre stone Round brilliant-cut shoulder stones give a feminine elegance. Available in a range of
R1605 Version 4


A princess-cut centre stone set in four claws featuring shoulder stones creates a timeless elegance. Available in a range of centre stone weights and
Custom Ring Wenji Chen 1


A round brilliant-cut centre stone set in six claws is adorned with shoulder stones for a classic elegance. Available in a range of centre stone weigh
R1638 Version 2

Pavé Olivia

A twist on the classic four-claw solitaire, featuring split claws for a total of eight fine claws. Round brilliant cut diamonds are nestled in a delic
Hudson 1


The ADC Hudson setting celebrates the symm


A deep purple spinel shines in the ADC Lennox setting that celebrates geometric shapes for a timeless aesthetic. Available in a wide ran