Caring for Your Fine Jewellery – The Basics

Caring for Your Fine Jewellery – The Basics

Well cleaned jewellery doesn’t just improve the look of your collection, it can prolong the life of your favourite pieces and help you to familiarise with the condition of particularly intricate pieces. While many view jewellery cleaning as a chore, it certainly makes a wonderful difference to the way your jewellery looks.

Regular cleaning can also be instrumental in avoiding dreaded stone loss. While high quality jewellery is designed to be worn and to last as long as it is needed, dirt and debris play a big role in the integrity of your jewellery, and the last thing anyone wants to see is a missing stone that could have been prevented with better care. Here’s how to keep your key pieces looking as special to everyone else as they are to you.

Stone Care

Diamonds might be tough, but the idea that they can’t be scratched, chipped or even lost is more damaging. Nobody wants to replace a stone they have loved. This is why appropriate wear and storage is essential. Regularly check your stones for impact damage and if you suspect it, keep it in a safe place and arrange a consultation as soon as you are able to.

Safekeeping and Storage

Appropriate storage is key in preserving and prolonging the life of your beloved pieces. While fine jewellery should be removed during times of high physical activity and activities like gardening, labouring and contact sports, when it is not being worn you should keep it in a specially designed jewellery box. It is preferable that the jewellery boxes you store your pieces in are padded, especially for pieces that have multiple stones, are very fancy or are antique.

Cleaning Services

A great jewellery consultant will offer complimentary cleaning services of your fine pieces, however if you wish to clean your pieces at home you can do so with a solution of warm water and a scant squirt of dish washing detergent. Seek advice first if you are concerned about cleaning special pieces yourself. You may use a soft bristled brush applied very gently to access tiny crevices where grime may have accumulated. Cleaning presents an ideal time to asses your pieces for new damage you were unaware of. If you spot any new scratches or indentations, be sure to book a visit with your consultant at the next possible convenience.

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