Ring for Surprise

Choosing a ring as a Surprise? Here’s how to ace it.

Choosing the perfect ring for your intended isn’t the easiest task. If you have specific instructions on which size and precious metal to look for, this is helpful for any consultant you enlist to help you choose the perfect piece. A great consultant will know what questions to ask, but it’s essential to do a […]

Colorful stones

Geology, Gemology, Geography: The Stones We Love and Where They Come From

Geology, gemology, geography: The stones we love and where they come from. The mystery and beauty of the gemstones we love are only heightened by the impossibility that they’re likely to ever be found. It takes gargantuan effort to unearth a gemological treasure; most of the time there is only a glimmer of hope that […]

Diamond Ring

Is Your Ring Water Safe? Let’s Talk Jewellery Care.

When you first fit your ring, the overwhelming feeling of never wanting to take it off can really be hard to shake. The meaning behind a beautiful piece of jewelry isn’t always about how much your ring sparkles, or the perfection in the design you had specially made – more so, later on down the […]


Dirt to Design – How Diamonds Make it into Your Hands

Welcome back! If you’ve followed on from our last blog, where we covered the birth of a diamond from its 1 billion-year-long journey, from conception in the unimaginable heat and pressure within Earth’s mantle to a likely volcanic expulsion, you may be interested to find out more about the methods used to source these breathtaking […]

making of a diamond, from Earth's crust to the surface

The Making of a Diamond, From Earth’s Crust to the Surface

While most sparkle-loving gem enthusiasts know that diamonds are formed under intense pressure, the rest of a diamond’s journey from deep earth to store shelf is less well known. It’s not just the way a diamond looks that can take your breath away – the back story is equally mind-blowing, and a staggering example of […]

Love Exquisite Engagement Rings

Love Exquisite Engagement Rings? Read Part 2 : 100 Years Of Diamond Ring Trends

Welcome back to our special 2 part post. Previously, we discussed diamond ring trends throughout the last century, and we worked our way up from designs featured at the turn of the century, right through to popular designs in the 50s. This month, we’re moving on to designs from the sixties and we’ll look at […]

Love Exquisite Engagement Rings

Love Exquisite Engagement Rings? Read Part 1: 100 Years of Diamond Ring Trends

If you’re a lover of antique jewellery and trends throughout the ages when it comes to exquisite design, then our two-part post is for you. We’re kicking off 100 years of diamond rings in a two-part special, where we’ll first be talking about some of the incredible designs of rings from 1900’s up until the 50s. Enjoy! […]

Caring for Your Fine diamond Jewellery

Caring for Your Fine Jewellery – The Basics

Well cleaned jewellery doesn’t just improve the look of your collection, it can prolong the life of your favourite pieces and help you to familiarise with the condition of particularly intricate pieces. While many view jewellery cleaning as a chore, it certainly makes a wonderful difference to the way your jewellery looks. Regular cleaning can also be […]

After Sales ring resizing Services

“Resizing- why it works, and why sometimes it doesn’t”

For those of you who have been there before, the disappointment is memorable. You find The Ring. You fall in love with it, right there in the display case. Every other choice simply fades in comparison. You ask to try it on. The clerk takes it out of the cabinet, placing the ring in your […]

Choosing the Perfect Gemstone

Choosing the Perfect Gemstone- What to Consider.

Choosing your signature gemstone is an exciting event- and even without the excitement of choosing your own personal stone, it can be almost overwhelming for choice and possibility. If you’re selecting a stone, it should be done with ample care and consideration for the years ahead, and it certainly shouldn’t be rushed. Depending on where […]

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