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How to Buy Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

Buying a diamond is a special occasion, often one that marks a monumental moment or a relationship with someone you cherish. Of course, it’s an exciting purchase and an investment that should last a lifetime, but how do you know that you’re buying from a diamond company that values the ethical sourcing of diamonds? What […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Diamonds

When it’s time to explore the range of engagement rings on offer to you, there’s usually one part of each piece of jewellery that draws the eyes of the bride-to-be. The centre stone of an engagement ring tends to be the clincher. With so many varieties in diamonds, each giving a ring its unique appearance, […]

Care Guide to Keep your Jewellery Looking its Best

There’s nothing like the feeling of opening a brand new piece of jewellery and seeing it sparkle back at you. At Australian Diamond Company, we create jewellery that is designed to be worn and loved. Over time, diamonds and gold can get tarnished and impacted by everyday life, no matter how good the quality may […]

The History and Meanings of Engagement Rings

Receiving an engagement ring from your beloved is usually an occasion that makes you think towards the future. The upcoming wedding day will be on your mind, but more importantly, you’ve found someone to share your life and grow old with. When you look down at the diamond on your finger, do you ever think […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Every single diamond is unique. Its beauty comes from its history, the craftsmanship that’s gone into it, and even its imperfections. Selecting the perfect diamond is a long journey for some. For others, their sparkling match speaks out to them straight away. As your diamond purchase is individual to you, visit a diamond company that […]

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