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Pink Argyle Diamond

The Rare and Exceptional Pink Argyle Diamond

The Australian Diamond Company is proud to house the rare and exceptional Pink Argyle Diamond. A celebration of colour and beauty, Pink Argyle diamonds have been extremely sought after for their rarity and beauty. Whilst their aesthetic allure has captured the eye of gem enthusiasts, they also attract attention from astute investors, as they have consistently outperformed traditional types of investments for over 15 years. Now, one of these unique pink diamond rings can belong to you.

About Kimberley

The Argyle mine is situated in the Kimberley region in far northeast Western Australia and is famous for producing approximately 95% of the world’s pink diamonds. The Argyle mine is the fourth largest diamond-producing mine in the world by volume with an average annual production of 8 million carats. Of this quantity, only 5% are considered gem quality. The remainder of non-gem quality diamonds are used in the industrial industry. Most of Argyle’s gem-quality production are diamonds. These typically have a very strong brown colouring which are referred to as cognac or champagne diamonds.

It is predicted the mine will close in 2019, anticipating a significant worldwide depletion of pink diamonds. It is likely the investment value of these beautiful diamonds will drastically increase upon cessation of the mine.

 The Pink Diamond Tender

The Argyle mine tenders the top 50 or so diamonds. The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender was established in 1984 and is an event held annually to highlight the top 50 or so diamonds produced by the Argyle mine that year.

Given the mine is estimated to close in 2019, it will only produce roughly another 400 – 500 pink diamonds making Argyle Pinks extremely sought after. Due to their exclusivity, these tendered pink diamonds are a very sound investment.

 Choose a Pink Diamond Ring

At the Australian Diamond Company, we welcome enquiries about our pink diamond rings and offer our expertise to guide your purchase.

Our showroom offers some of the most unique and exclusive pieces of jewellery on offer, but choosing a pink diamond ring will provide you with an experience you won’t forget. Our staff are well-trained and knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about pink Argyle diamonds and their history.

We offer the best customer service to make your visit a simple and enjoyable one. We enjoy taking the time to find the ideal diamond match for every customer.

Pink diamond rings are the epiphany of elegance and beauty, so feel free to schedule a complimentary appointment in our showroom with one of our jewellery advisors. Our pink diamond collection is a treat for any jewellery lover.

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