Choosing the Perfect Gemstone- What to Consider.

Choosing your signature gemstone is an exciting event- and even without the excitement of choosing your own personal stone, it can be almost overwhelming for choice and possibility.

If you’re selecting a stone, it should be done with ample care and consideration for the years ahead, and it certainly shouldn’t be rushed.

Depending on where and how your stone will be featured, you’ll want to be sure it works well with existing pieces of jewelry you own, and especially with other pieces, you plan to wear it with often. If you have an appointment to view stones, make sure you have any pieces polished and looking their best before you set them down against your choices.

Finding the perfect stone is like finding the perfect dress; sometimes it comes easy, and other times you need to be persistent in being absolutely sure. If you’re feeling stuck for where to start, there are a few methods for narrowing down your choices. Here are some ways you can do that:

Explore your colour guides. For example, if you’re a fan of pink and pink gradient stones, track down a good gemmology guide and make a list of the rosy shades that speak to you. Tourmaline and ruby run the gamut of delightful shades in pink that range from deep crimson to the palest wash of pink.

Cut guides offer a very clear idea of which styles suit your tastes best- for example, a simple and understated look can be pulled off beautifully with cabochon polish, or a baguette style polish and possibly as square cut also. Fancier shapes include briolette, pear cut or heart shapes. In between these categories, you might find that an antique cushion, tapered baguette or octagon cut gem will speak to you. It is simply a matter of what you feel works.

It is worth mentioning that many stones also come with associations that are said to keep those who wear them protected from various ailments or mindsets- many find these stories provide just enough fascination to help them choose the perfect stone- however, it really comes down to you exploring what works, and working out what speaks to you from there.

Australian Diamond Company are pleased to offer excellence in service and quality. To speak with a member about finding the perfect stone, cut, colour and set to suit your taste, contact us on (03) 96604455 and speak with a member of our friendly team.

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