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Earth Created Diamonds

Give a unique gift to someone special with a natural diamond
Of course, any diamond you choose for your special someone is going to symbolise love and intense trust, but when you opt for a natural diamond, you’re adding an extra layer of meaning to your precious stone.

Natural Diamond

Lab Grown

The difference between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds

For avid sparkle-seekers, a natural diamond might just edge it over a lab grown stone, and here’s why:
  • Lab grown diamonds can be made in around 6-10 weeks, whereas natural diamonds that can be mined today would’ve formed anywhere between 1 – 3.3 billion years ago.
  • Every mined natural diamond is unique, adding to their value. Lab-grown diamonds can be manufactured to meet consumer demand, and though they are undeniably beautiful, many collectors and buyers believe that there’s an amazing mystique around natural diamonds.

How much do mined diamonds cost?

Oftentimes, a natural diamond price tag can be double that of a lab grown diamond. This is due to the fact that mined diamonds go through a rigorous creation process — both in terms of how they’re formed naturally, and how they’re transported and carved. As we’ve explored, their natural formation means that every natural diamond is unique, and this adds to their market value.

What is the highest carat natural diamond to be mined?

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest rough, gem-quality diamond ever found. It weighed 3,106.75 carats or 621.35 grams, and it was discovered in Cullinan, South Africa at the Premier No. 2 mine on 26th January 1905.

The diamond was named after the chairman of the mine, Thomas Cullinan, who went on to have an impressive career in -the chairman of the mine. The Cullinan was responsible for producing an array of stones of different sizes and cuts.

Choosing the perfect natural diamond

Unsurprisingly, you’ll be mesmerised when you’re browsing our range of natural and mined diamonds. These precious stones utilise light in an ultra-efficient way, bringing out the brilliance of each stone perfectly. As the differences between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye, one of our professional diamond graders will be on hand to guide you through the specification of your stone.

Our range of natural diamonds features across an extensive range of products, from diamond engagement rings and pendants, to breathtaking bracelets. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got a stunning selection of mined diamond jewellery to choose from — plus, we offer virtual consultations, too.

We understand that a diamond investment is a major purchase and it’s one you’ll want to get right, so don’t hesitate to speak to our team of experts for guidance on choosing the perfect precious jewel for your special someone. For extra convenience, we guarantee free shipping on all mined diamond purchases, Australia-wide.

If you’re in need of any further information about mined diamonds, simply contact us today. Shop online now, or visit our Melbourne showroom.

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