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Precious Gems

Choosing the perfect gemstone – what to consider

Choosing your signature gemstone is an exciting event- and even without the excitement of choosing your own personal stone, it can be almost overwhelming for choice and possibility.

How to choose your stone?

Depending on where and how your stone will be featured, you’ll want to be sure it works well with existing pieces of jewelry you own, and especially with other pieces, you plan to wear it with often. If you have an appointment to view stones, make sure you have any pieces polished and looking their best before you set them down against your choices.

Finding the perfect stone is like finding the perfect dress; sometimes it comes easy, and other times you need to be persistent in being absolutely sure. If you’re feeling stuck for where to start, there are a few methods for narrowing down your choices.

Australian Diamond Company are pleased to offer excellence in service and quality. To speak with a member about finding the perfect stone, cut, colour and set to suit your taste, contact us on (03) 96604455 and speak with a member of our friendly team.

A guide to choosing your stone

  • Explore your colour guides
    For example, if you’re a fan of pink and pink gradient stones, track down a good gemmology guide and make a list of the rosy shades that speak to you. Tourmaline and ruby run the gamut of delightful shades in pink that range from deep crimson to the palest wash of pink.
  • Cut guides
    Cut guides offer a very clear idea of which styles suit your tastes best- for example, a simple and understated look can be pulled off beautifully with cabochon polish, or a baguette style polish and possibly as square cut also. Fancier shapes include briolette, pear cut or heart shapes. In between these categories, you might find that an antique cushion, tapered baguette or octagon cut gem will speak to you. It is simply a matter of what you feel works.
  • Stone Properties
    It is worth mentioning that many stones also come with associations that are said to keep those who wear them protected from various ailments or mindsets- many find these stories provide just enough fascination to help them choose the perfect stone- however, it really comes down to you exploring what works, and working out what speaks to you from there.

Gemstones: The stones we love & where they come from

Geology, gemology, geography

The mystery and beauty of the gemstones we love are only heightened by the impossibility that they’re likely to ever be found. It takes gargantuan effort to unearth a gemological treasure; most of the time there is only a glimmer of hope that efforts will pay off- and the rest of it is Luc… so where exactly are you most likely to find your favourite gems? We take a look at the geographical positions of popular, beautiful gems today.


Members of the Corundum family, ruby deposits are mined in numerous locations all over the world, from Scotland to Nepal, and Tanzania to Japan. Most significant mines are located in Burma and the USA, along with Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Ruby measures a 9 on the moss scale of hardness, where only sapphires and diamonds equal to its toughness.


Diamonds can be found in almost 40 countries, the earth over. Major producers are South Africa, Botswana and Russia. Australian mines produce the majority of industrial diamonds, closely followed by India and the US. Diamonds can be up to three billion years old, their name a derivative of the Greek word, “adamas”. The Greeks believed they’d unearthed the tears of the gods when they first happened upon this infamous stone.


Sapphires are less commonly found that other precious gems. Three main locations include Burma, Sri Lanka and Kashmir. Best known for the blue colour, you may not now that sapphires come in every colour of the rainbow. They are of the corundum family, making the crimson cousin of sapphires the infamous Ruby.


Famed for their brilliant green hues and from the Beryl family, the most envied emeralds are said to come from Colombia, though they are mines in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, the US and Australia too. Follow this link to see an incredible emerald unearthed in Russia at the beginning of 2018.
Australian Diamond Company celebrate the wonder, diversity and beauty that diamonds and gems of all forms are discovered in. If you too love the rarity of breathtaking, beautiful stones and artisan design, why not have one of our skilled consultants present our showcase to you? Book your appointment by calling us on (03) 9660 4455 today.

Schedule a complimentary design consultation

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When you are ready to book your consultation, simply choose a convenient date and time for your visit to our Melbourne showroom. We are open 7 days a week and conveniently located in the heart of the CBD.
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When you choose ADC for your wedding band rings in Melbourne, our friendly team will warmly welcome you and take you on a guided tour of our showroom so you can immerse yourself in the brilliance of our dazzling collections.
Step 3 - Personalised design concepts
Now it's time to bring your dream ring to life. Share your vision with our knowledgeable experts, who will listen attentively and offer tailored style recommendations. We want to understand your unique preferences and create custom wedding bands in Melbourne that reflect your personal taste.
Step 4 - Meticulous craftsmanship
Once you have finalised your design, our skilled artisans will begin the meticulous process of crafting your bespoke ring. Throughout the journey, we will provide regular progress updates, ensuring you stay informed and excited about the creation of your special piece.