Incredible Diamond Records across the Ages

Did you know that the very first diamonds were found over 3000 years ago, in India? Since their first incredible discovery, millions have people have sought the enchanting jewel, mining, collecting and trading diamonds all over the globe from that point onwards.

During this time, some truly staggering diamond discoveries have been made.

The Rarest of All

Only 30 red diamonds are reported to have ever been found. The Moussaieff Red Diamond was found at its original weight of 13.9 carats by a Brazilian farmer in the mid-1900s. It is internally flawless, features a sublime trilliant cut.

The Hope Diamond

Ownership of the Hope Diamond stretches back over almost 400 years. At a breathtaking 45.52 carats, it is thought to have been unearthed in India, purchased by a French gemmologist in 1666. In its history, theft, ownership by King Louis XIV and to its safe house at the National Museum of History today, the Hope Diamond is insured for something along the lines of 250 million dollars.

The Florentine Diamond

A diamond with a mysterious and elusive past, the Florentine Diamond is a deep yellow diamond with green overtones, showcased by a 9 sided 126 sided rose cut. As if the description itself isn’t breathtaking enough, the diamond was last seen in Switzerland after WWI. It has not been seen since and is rumoured to have been recut. In 1981, an 80 ct diamond was sold in an auction that may have been a remnant of the Florentine Diamond.

The Pink Star

The highest fetching diamond ever sold is reported to be the Pink Star, mined by De Beers in South Africa and passing hands for a cool $83.2 million dollars in 2013. It is the largest known diamond with a Fancy Vivid Pink rating with breathtaking quality.

The Cullinan Diamond

Marked as the largest Diamond ever discovered, the Cullinan was found in South Africa in 1905. It received its name from the mine’s chairman, Thomas Cullinan. Measuring 4 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width, it took two years for the diamond to sell and was eventually bought by the Transvaal Colony Government then given to King Edward VII on his 66th anniversary.

The Star of Africa

In addition to having birthed the largest diamond, Cullinan Mine also unearthed the Great Star of Africa, which is the largest clear-cut diamond in the world.  It weighs just over 106 grams and measures 4.5 centimetres by 4 centimetres across.

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