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Is Your Ring Water Safe? Let’s Talk Jewellery Care.

When you first fit your ring, the overwhelming feeling of never wanting to take it off can really be hard to shake. The meaning behind a beautiful piece of jewelry isn’t always about how much your ring sparkles, or the perfection in the design you had specially made – more so, later on down the track, it’s more likely to be about the emotional impact that your ring makes in your life, and why that sometimes stops you from taking it off.

So, should you be removing your ring more often than you already do? Probably.

Even when you’re doing the dishes.

Even when you’re rinsing your hands.

Especially when you’re using soaps, exfoliants and oils in a shower.

Here’s why.

Before we start, it’s important to note that a good quality ring is designed to become an heirloom. The longevity of your brand-new piece is intended to serve you perfectly for many years. While a well-designed ring will never lose stones from light contact with water, it’s not fair to expect stones to outlast a lifetime of carefree ownership.


Scenario one: Doing the Dishes

Absolutely, always take your ring off when doing the dishes. Not only are you working in a raised temperature, your jewellery may be scratched if you knock it against ceramic or china plates and cups, or worse, stones could be loosened over time when they’re exposed to too much friction.


Scenario two: Washing your hands.

Always take your ring off when washing your hands. There is two main reasons for this.. Firstly, soaps ensure your skin becomes more slippery than normal, and slippery, soapy skin happens to be ideal for easily removing- ergo, losing- a ring. Secondly, no one wants to take apart the sink drainage system and find their ring has passed through, nowhere to be found. Always remove!


Scenario three: Taking a bath

100% always remove your ring when you’re in the warm or hot water for prolonged periods of time. Especially if your stone includes precious gems and most especially if your ring is intricately designed. Generally, the safer the ring the simpler it is- with the safest of all being a plain band- but even a single band is in danger of slipping off and ending up in the drain. A nightmare we should all avoid. Always remove!


Effectively, with regards to ring care, the answer is an emphatic yes: always take your ring off if your hands are going to be in water. While a few slip-ups here and there shouldn’t do too much to compromise the integrity of your ring, reminding yourself and getting into the habit will certainly prevent any fine jewellery tragedies.


If you would like more information about maintaining your fine jewellery, the team at Australian Diamond Company would be pleased to offer assistance. For those looking to find the ring of their dreams, scheduling an appointment to view our stunning showcase is simple- one of our skilled consultants can offer valuable insight and assistance. Follow this link to make your booking today.

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