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Want To Pull Off An Amazing Wedding Proposal? Read This First!

21 November, 2018

At Australian Diamond Company, we are proud to showcase incredible wedding and engagement rings to mark the beginning of a wonderful new path in life.

Check out these three heroic proposal ideas – ideal for anyone who wants to go the extra mile for their loved one!

The Holiday Proposal

A magical holiday can be the ideal place to pop the question and offer your beloved a beautiful engagement ring. But particular respect to the gentleman who had a photographer wait on the other side of a steep crevasse in Central Victoria at sunset while he took a knee and proposed to his girlfriend. The photos arrived as an engagement gift to her a few months afterwards. We love this idea!

Snow or Sand?

Snow season inspired the next romantic, who initially wanted to write her proposal in the sand underneath an iconic Gold Coast hotel as her partner stepped out onto the balcony. However, she fell sick on holiday and thought the better of her situation- rather than propose under duress, she saved her suggestion for their upcoming ski trip- crisp whiteness provided the perfect backdrop and view from a ski lift chair! She had snuck out previously and enlisted the help of staff to etch those special words into the snow below the lift they were about to take.

Get the Picture?

Photo albums are evocative, special places we track and visit memories we’re fond of. One notable champion- who had photography skills to burn and was already romantically inclined- collated from a timeline of special shots they shared over four years of memories. He went about compiling them into a bound and specially inscribed leather album. But it wasn’t filled. Instead, it was dated right up to the day prior to gifting his partner the album, with the second-last image a picture of him standing outside her favourite jewellery store, and the last picture a velvet ring box held behind his back. He took her picture again as she realised what was happening.

At Australian Diamond Company, we are proud to showcase incredible wedding and engagement rings to mark the beginning of a wonderful new path in life. If you would like help to choose the perfect wedding or engagement ring, our skilled consultants are only too happy to help. Simply book your appointment here or call us on 1300 221 557 today.

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When you are ready to book your consultation, simply choose a convenient date and time for your visit to our Melbourne showroom. We are open 7 days a week and conveniently located in the heart of the CBD.
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When you choose ADC for your wedding band rings in Melbourne, our friendly team will warmly welcome you and take you on a guided tour of our showroom so you can immerse yourself in the brilliance of our dazzling collections.
Step 3 - Personalised design concepts
Now it's time to bring your dream ring to life. Share your vision with our knowledgeable experts, who will listen attentively and offer tailored style recommendations. We want to understand your unique preferences and create custom wedding bands in Melbourne that reflect your personal taste.
Step 4 - Meticulous craftsmanship
Once you have finalised your design, our skilled artisans will begin the meticulous process of crafting your bespoke ring. Throughout the journey, we will provide regular progress updates, ensuring you stay informed and excited about the creation of your special piece.